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Pour le moment, « nous », c’est « je »:
Sophie Schell
  • Une expertise marketing et communication tournée vers l’international
  • Une personnalité chaleureuse, dynamique et pétillante
  • Une longue expérience dans le domaine de l’IT et des technologies
  • L’envie de mettre mes connaissances et compétences au service de projets qui m’inspirent


Et quelques références:

Sophie is a multi-faceted, diligent, creative marketing manager. She is easy to rely on to get the job done and she always delivers what she signs up to.
Ilya Gutlin,
President, Asia Pacific Geography,



Sophie is a dedicated and experienced professional who combines her knowledge of marketing and strong personal skills to deliver clients with consistent and innovative marketing strategies.

Pierre Martin,
IT Architect



Outstanding results

Sophie is a professional marketer. She is always focused on delivering outstanding results. Customer centric and a team player, she is committed to drive marketing performance which contributes to the business.
Arthur Calderwood,
SVP Marketing & Sales Operations, SITA




Sophie’s energy and professionalism is very inspiring, she’s at ease with the strategic planning as much as in the granular detail of the day to day operations. She also brings a touch of fun with her incredible sense of humour.
Sandy Bouchat,
General Manager Okikoo at Digicall SA




On each project/event I worked with Sophie, I felt her need not only to succeed but to aim for greatness. She was completely invested in her mission. People working with Sophie have no choice but to perform and deliver at the highest level. She is very motivating to work with.
Jean-Francois Morin,
Head of Vendor Integration & Access Team, SITA


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